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Making your dog a well-behaved member of the family, Best Behaved Pups offers personalized, professional training you can count on.

Who We Are?

We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!

Best Behaved Pups was founded out of genuine love and respect for dogs and a passion for training. Our mission is to improve the dog/human relationships by educating and coaching owners how to correctly and fairly work with their dogs, and by producing happy dogs who enjoy training. Training this way takes more skill, knowledge, and time than many businesses and trainers wish to take. Our training programs are created from methods and techniques based on solid animal behavior theory and tried and tested over decades by our training director and our other top dog trainers.

Story Time!

My family brought home a 60 lb, 2 year old American Bull dog that wanted to walk me and also relentlessly chased my 8 lb cat. Within a few days of bringing him home I was desperate and reached out for help. Karyn was a life saver! Buddy immediately responded to her like he knew she meant business. From day one there was a huge improvement. She gave us the tools we needed to be able to walk him on a leash and teach him all the manors a large dog needs. I love that she came to our house and was able to specialize on every concern we have, not a one size fits all training. And best of all our dog and cat can now be in the same room!


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We offer different training packages to give you the ability to tailor your dog obedience training to match what is important to you.

Boot Camp

Come see why our unique approach to our 3 Week Dog Training Boot Camp. Our client’s most favorite dog training program! Includes 15 days of training.

Private Lessons

Best Behaved Pups’ private lessons are tailored to you and your dog’s specific need or issue you need help with. Our methods produce a well behaved dog!


Happy Faces

Find out why we have a 5 stars reviews all over the internet!


Karyn has been wonderful. She corrected some bad habits in my dog and provided great hands on training to quickly get things back on track. She is very insightful and takes time to listen to what the concerns are and provide helpful feedback.

Ruby Fouraker

Karyn is the best dog trainer I could find for my beloved Ginger. Just the first session I had seen 50% of progress in my puppy. I would reccomend karyn to anybody seeking dog training without a doubt. Thank you so much, Karyn!

Noemi Arce

I brought my dog to this trainer when he was young. I'm so grateful for her. She's very knowledgeable and patient. I recommend her to all my friends. My dog is well-behaved, and we still use her training methods to this day. Thank you, K!


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