Dog Training Services, in Northeast Florida.

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We offer different training packages to give you the ability to tailor your dog obedience training to match what is important to you.

What We Do

Dog Training Programs

Training begins the moment you encounter your pup and continues over the life of your dog.

Your dog is never too young to begin training and the earlier you start, the better. Avoid common mistakes before unwanted behaviors begin. We offer two types of training.

How Can I Start?

We can start with a FREE Phone Consultation! We are here to answer your questions about your dog!

The first thing we do is set up a 90 Minute Training Consultation. We come to your home, assess the situation and go over a plan for you and your dog to be successful. We offer private training in your home, teaching you and your pups to focus on you as their leader.

All our training is permission based, teaching them manners and teaching you how to maintain control.

Pricing Plans

Initial Dog Training Consultation

This is a 90 minute comprehensive training session where we go over everything from nutrition to basic commands. We focus on permission based training teaching a balance of Yes and No. We begin teaching your dog what is expected of them at the Initial Consultation.


Private Dog Training

Lessons are done in your home as well as planned outings to produce a well behaved dog in any situation. All commands are taught for your dog to hold any command until released. Your dog will learn how to keep the focus on you, their owner.


Private Training for 2 or More Dogs

Lessons are done in your home as well as planned outings to produce well behaved dogs in any environment. When training multiple dogs, the lessons are approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.


3 Week Dog Training Boot Camp (No Boarding)

This is an intensive training package that is done over a 3 week period (not including the Initial Consultation). It includes 15 days of training with just the dog and 3 sessions with the owner(s). Please ask for details.


Multi-Session Dog Training Package

This package is for 6 Lessons, not including the Initial Consultation. Each Lesson is $150 but if you purchase this package you SAVE $100!


How to Get Started?

For programs and prices please call (904) 309-3009, or click the button below.


If you are interested in private lessons there is no such thing as too young. We like to get puppies on the right track and start them early, before bad behaviors become habit. If you are interested in a board & train program the youngest we enroll dogs is around 4 months old.

Having all family dogs on the same page regarding training will always make their lives and your job much easier. We always suggest that whenever possible that all of the family dogs receive some type of training. We have customized our training programs to fit multiple dog homes. They do not need to be enrolled in the same programs and we will fit each dog to the right program for them.

Well, there is no such thing! As long as your dog is in good health we can train them in our board & train program. We have had dogs as old as 10 complete our board & train program successfully!

Yes, your dog will absolutely remember you…how could they forget?! In the grand scheme of things just a few weeks will not break your bond with your dog and there is no way they can forget you.

Case Study:

Rocky Likes to Play on Greens

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